Comprehensive Services for Residential and Small Business Customers

Our residential and small business integrations team will perform a solutions-based needs assessment and design and install everything needed for your project from start to finish!

Our Services

Wi-Fi / Networking Installations & Upgrades

When you’re working remotely, helping your children with school, or enjoying media at home, it all depends on a well running Wi-Fi network. There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to video call or stream a movie than lost connections, buffering, and weak signals.

You may have assumed there is nothing to be done about this, and that Wi-Fi is just a fickle technology. But with help, the optimum Wi-Fi system is a real possibility.

Many elements can hinder your Wi-Fi performance. Your wireless access point may not cover enough of your house’s dimensions, and there may be too many devices running on the same channel, causing congestion.  Contact us today to schedule a free onsite system signal strength and mapping test.

A/V, Outdoor Living & Landscape Lighting

Multi-Room music and video with high-precision sound and resolution played anywhere, at any time enables you to enjoy instant access to your entire media collection at the press of a button on any smart device or with voice-assistants.

In-ceiling, in-wall and outdoor speakers blend with any decor and provide richly detailed music to set the perfect atmosphere!

We also work with you to design/build outdoor living centers & install professional landscape lighting and control systems!

Whole-Home and Outdoor Entertainment systems will transform your spaces with affordable high-performance A/V configurations to overcome conventional limitations of typical media devices. Our design team can transform your outdoor living experience with complete landscape lighting & automatic control!

TV's, Media, and Entertainment Rooms

Whether you're just looking to hang some TV's, or you need some speakers or a custom designed media or home theater room, EcoLux Home Technology can design, build, and install the entire project as a turnkey solution, or value engineer your projects in phases to suit your budget or your timeline.

With today's sophisticated displays, projectors, soundbars and component integration requirements, DIY efforts are not what they used to be. To insure a desirable outcome; let our qualified team help you get the result you want.

We take the guesswork out of setting up your technology and smart-home devices.  Our techs are cross-qualified to deploy the core components and devices that make up your technology ‘ecosphere’ to insure the optimum configuration for your home or small business.

DIY Cameras and Video Doorbells

EcoLux Home Technology has strategic provider partnerships with distributors and are dealers of smart home local camera systems and 2-way audio/video door bell annunciator systems and remote smart locks to secure every perimeter ingress and egress point of your home or small business.

IP POE Cameras with 4K resolution use remote notifications of vehicle and person recognition sent directly to your smart-phone or device via app, and you are able to view and retrieve any activity through the archival time-date stamped event register. You can easily access any video and audio event from anywhere with an internet connection!

Remote viewing and listening is simple, and remote access is very straightforward with our use-case selected platforms offering performance and value and peace of mind!

Alternative Energy Backup Systems Sales & Support

EcoLux Home Technology develops the latest solutions for new home & after sales backup energy storage systems!

We offer sales support and service plans to include whole home power backup batteries for safe and secure use during emergencies!

We offer many service and support options for our customers to take advantage of over the course of their project-life.  These supplement the manufacturers warranty process, and extend the serviceability of your system installations.  Talk to an associate for details.

Remote Support

EcoLux Home Technology utilizes device management systems that allow us to ping customers deployments and reset or reboot when needed. This often eliminates the need to "roll a truck" especially when a simple device reset is all that's needed, or when the customer is not home.

We can reset your internet or cycle your smart home devices to poll their operational capacity to diagnose the problem. With remote support we are able to quickly remedy a high percentage of deficiencies that otherwise would take 24-48 hours during normal service response times.

Also with our client-facing app, the customer can remotely reset his internet, cameras, and smart-home devices and often times solve simple problems that would normally require a service call.

Contact Us Today!

Contact us today to schedule a free virtual needs assessment, or an onsite visit where we can also perform a network signal strength and mapping test.

Our Rates

Service Plan/

Remote Support
$ 360
  • Annually

Service Call/

Out of Warranty
$ 80
  • Per Hour

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